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By Drs Bradbury & Amato
December 15, 2014
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Family Dentistry  

Find out why it’s important to always have a family dentist you can turn to.

family dentistryWe are always taking every precaution to make sure both our family and ourselves are healthy. So why should anything be different when it comes to our dental health? While many Americans say they skip their routine checkups, we always recommend that you have a West Hartford family dentist you can turn to. Here are the some reasons you should turn to us for your dental needs:

Accidents happen

We can never plan for everything in life and no matter how careful we seem to be accidents still happen. You may have knocked out a tooth or are experiencing a toothache but both are considered dental emergencies, which means taking time out of your schedule to get the problem fixed. However, if you don’t have a West Hartford family dentist you won’t know where to turn.
Emergency room visits are pricey and you’ll find yourself waiting longer than you should for treatment. However, if you have a family dentist already in place, you can rush right in when an emergency happens. We can get you the treatment you need and even save your smile.

Early diagnosis

While prevention is key, there are still times that decay and even gum disease will find their way in. However, it’s not as big an issue when you catch the problem early. This means seeing your West Hartford family dentist for your routine checkups. Don’t skimp on your visits.
You should be going at least twice a year for exams and cleanings. There we will be able to pinpoint any problem areas before they wreak havoc. Waiting to see your dentist will only prolong the issue and most likely make it worse. Nip problems in the bud by seeing your dentist regularly.

Clean smiles

Everyone wants a beautiful, healthy smile. You may even find yourself brushing like a fiend in order to get into every nook and cranny; however, you’re human and you still miss spots. That’s where your family dentist comes in. Clean smiles are our thing, and through specialized instruments and trained professionals we can remove plaque and tartar buildup in no time.
Furthermore, once plaque turns to tartar it’s impossible to clean off your teeth with just a normal toothbrush. Only your family dentist can remove it. That’s another reason why routine visits are so important. If tartar is left untreated it will eventually cause gum disease.
If it’s time you or a family member say their West Hartford family dentist, call our office today to schedule your next appointment with us. We can’t wait to see you.