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By Drs Bradbury & Amato, PC
December 22, 2014
Category: Oral Health

With all the yummy treats the holiday season has to offer, make sure your child still maintains a radiant smile.

One of the best parts of the holiday season is the wonderful smells that waft from the kitchen. From pumpkin pie and candy canes to hot chocolate and gingerbread men, it can be hard to keep your hands of these delectable goodies; however, we often see the most Children's Healthdental problems around the holidays and sadly a lot of these treats are to blame. No child wants to deal with a cavity or dental emergency over the holidays. That’s why your West Hartford dentist offers up some tips for how to keep your child’s smile healthy and happy this season.

Put Certain Foods on the Naughty List

With the holidays in full swing there are a ton of parties and events happening in your child’s school, neighborhood and maybe even your home. With this also comes an increase in holiday goodies like desserts, candies and festive drinks. While you shouldn’t be a complete Grinch and keep all delicious snacks away from your child, make sure there is significant moderation. A treat here and there isn’t bad, but allowing your child to graze on sugar all day can cause some detrimental effects on his smile. Hot chocolate, cookies, candy canes and pies can certainly take their toll. Therefore, opt for one treat a day for your child so he can still enjoy the holiday season but without the cavities.

Water, Water Everywhere…

When your child does partake of these festive treats, also make sure he is drinking water along with it. Swishing water around after each sugar-filled bite can help protect against some of sugar’s harsh affects on teeth.

Hygiene for All, and to All a Good Night

You should be keeping an eye on your child’s daily oral care habits. Is he brushing for at least twice a day? Also, when he is brushing is he brushing for at least two minutes? Is he also flossing his teeth? These are all essential components to a healthier smile. This regime is going to be particularly helpful if your child is consuming stain-producing foods and sugary snacks. Good oral hygiene is always important, but even more so during the holiday season. Make sure your child is doing his part every day to ensure that there are no cavities in the New Year.

Give your child the gift of a cavity-free smile this New Year, and if it’s time for your child’s six-month dental checkup then it’s time to call your West Hartford dentist to book an appointment.