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By Drs Bradbury & Amato, PC
August 28, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: root canal  

Recently, dental patients were surveyed about their most-feared dental procedure. It was found that 60 percent of the respondents were more apprehensive about getting a root canal than having a tooth pulled. Those who harbor that fear typically haven't actually had a Root Canalroot canal; most people's opinions are based on exaggerations about old, outdated treatments. Dr. Robert Bradbury and Dr. Anthony Amato, your West Hartford, Connecticut dentists, want to educate their patients about the reality of root canals. Root canals are helpful, therapeutic procedures that eliminate pain and save tooth function.

Why do I need a root canal?

Root canals are performed at your West Hartford dentist's office to remove the inner tissues of a tooth that have been damaged by an infection. Damage from decay or trauma can cause the infection to develop, and root canals save the tooth by stopping the infection at the source. Once the nerves and tissue are removed, the pain associated with the infection is eliminated.

What does a root canal feel like?

Perhaps because of the invasive nature of the procedure, many people believe root canals cause extreme pain. For almost all patients, the opposite is true. Very often, the pain exists before the root canal is even scheduled. There is usually quite a bit of discomfort associated with the untreated infection inside the tooth. Abscesses can form along the gums and in advanced cases, the infection can spread into the jawbone or other areas of the body.

It may help to know that many patients compare having a root canal to having a cavity filled. Your West Hartford dentist will use local anesthesia to numb the area and then use a hand-held mechanism to clean out the inside of the tooth. A durable organic material will be used to fill in the resulting space, and the outside of your tooth will be fitted with a temporary crown. These are later replaced with a permanent crown by your West Hartford dentist. 

Thanks to anesthesia and removal of the nerves, root canals are practically painless and healing is relatively quick. Patients of Drs. Bradbury and Amato who still have some reservations can be given a mild sedative before the work begins. 

If you've had a toothache and think you might need a root canal, don't delay in contacting Drs. Bradbury & Amato in West Hartford, Connecticut. Early treatment means a quicker recovery, and you'll likely join the majority of patients who find that root canals are a simple procedure once they've learned the facts.