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By Drs Bradbury & Amato, PC
December 05, 2014
Category: Social Media
Tags: Dentist   Social Media  
Are you a social networking guru? Do you love checking out what your friends are doing online? Do you find yourself tweeting about the fantastic meal you had the other night or the best local events in town? Even if you’re social media savvy, you may not have thought about how these different online networks can connect to your health. However, if you value your oral health like your West Hartford family dentist does, then it’s time that you signed into your Twitter and Facebook accounts and connected with our dental office.

Why should I stay connected?

If you want to stay updated on the latest dental treatments, office news and healthy tips and advice from your trusty West Hartford dentist, then you to can do this with just a few clicks of your mouse or smartphone.

What kinds of information should I expect to receive?

Fun topics on your dental health, of course! Some of our latest Facebook posts include, “Dental-Friendly Chewing Gum can be Beneficial to Your Oral Health” and “Are Mouthguards Important? Just ask Fitness Expert Jillian Michaels.” Find out the answers to some of your dental questions, or discover new dentistry topics that you never even thought about. Who knows, you may even learn something that saves your teeth from potential problems.
Plus you never know when we might offer a special deal on dental care through our social media accounts. But if you follow us, then you’ll be part of those fantastic deals.
Love your West Hartford dentist and want the world to know? Then be sure to leave us a review on our Facebook page. We would love to hear from you even if you aren’t coming in for your six-month visit.

Why should I use social media to connect with my dentist?

Besides getting important dental information, receiving weekly Facebook and Twitter alerts will remind you about your oral health. Your smile is just as important as your overall health; however, when there doesn’t seem to be an outright problem we often forget that our smiles still need some TLC. These friendly alerts remind you that it’s time to come in for your six-month cleaning. Your life gets busy, but with these little alerts, we may provide you with the little nudge you need to get your smile the proper treatment it needs.
So, what are you waiting for? Connect with us today:
We always love to stay involved with our patients, including through social media! Find us online today!